215 Hopper FPV Details

Working from the concept layout for carrying FPV gear on the 215 Hopper which I wrote about previously I have developed a few new parts which can be 3D printed. I have come up with a camera bracket with an integrated ‘roll cage’. The camera angle is set with a 3D printed wedge behind it.


On the bottom I have created something of a streamlined housing to go over the video transmitter. Of particular note in this area; when I dropped the model of the ImmersionRC transmitter in place I was quite surprised how large it actually was. As such I went looking for a smaller unit. I have consequently also picked up a Lumenier Tx5GPro mini 600mW TX (GetFPV). I will compare the two when they both arrive but suspect I will run the Lumenier rather the the IRC and as such that is what I have designed the pod to fit around. When I actually have the transmitter in front of me I will be able to flesh out the internal details of the pod so that the TX is a nice snap fit inside.



At the rear I have modified one of the central tube clamps to include a bracket for screwing the SMA 90° connector to. The antenna is then subsequently connected on top. Hopefully this provides enough support and isolation to prevent any damage to the transmitter in the event of an antenna strike. Also of note here is the addition of tail lights. As I can’t run the traditional WS2812b LED’s with the telemetry on a soft serial port these will just be on whenever the battery is connected. I am adding them for LOS flying visibility as much as anything. There have been a couple of occasions  with the 215 Hopper (including when I lost the first build) where I have struggled to orient the craft even at relatively close distances. The hope here is that with a few super bright LED’s pointing in one direction such problems will be easier to resolve.


And finally, I have made a decision on goggles and decided to go with the FatShark Dominator V3 (NextFPV) running a NextWave race band module (NextFPV). I haven’t received them yet (only ordered yesterday) but will make some comments on them when I do. In the same order I picked up another Naze32 and a set of esc’s so I can build this ‘215 Hopper FPV’ up as a new a rig and keep the other one flyable.

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