215 Hopper Parts

With another 40 minutes on the clock I have added the final detail to the chassis structure for the 215 Hopper. All that remains now for these parts to be ready for printing is some minor tweaks to be sure everything will fit together.


In order to positively hold the ends of the side pieces I have added a small tab to the top and bottom. These tabs will snap in to slots cut into the top and bottom plates. My plan initially was for the side pieces to key into the centre clamp pieces but in order to achieve this in a robust manner I was concerned I would have to give up to much of the clamping material. Also of note are the tapered faces I have added to the join surface. This change in shape of the seam should help secure the side plates in a longitudinal direction.


When assembled the design makes for quite a tidy little package if I do say so myself.


Laid out flat, this is what a full ‘kit’ of the core printed parts will look like. There will still be other non-critical items such as the antenna tube mounts to add to this print list.
To complete the build of the chassis the following pieces will also be needed:

  • Top & Bottom Plates
  • 12mm tube (any will work but I’ve got some carbon tube on hand which was purchased for the MultiChase Project)
  • Fasteners

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