Boom Control Arms

I’ve been spending plenty of time fiddling with and flying the VersaCopter since getting it airborne so progress on this project has slowed somewhat. I did put a little bit of time into it today. Firstly I decided to bump the motor spacing out to 275mm, up from 250mm, that is to say that the centre of all the motors fall within a 275mm circle. Hopefully this will allow me to get the larger battery to work. As can be seen below it is substantially larger.

MC2 014

MC2 013

I also created a first draft of the boom control arms. This part serves a dual purpose, it is the bearing spacer and the arm for controlling the rotation of the booms. My intention is to make the bearing carrier an interference fit along the axis of the boom to keep everything tight through preload. This necessitates the bearing spacer and merging that part into the control arm is a weight efficient approach. My primary concern currently is that the arm itself looks rather small and possibly not strong enough. I have also not looked at the movement of the arm to check for collisions. These will both be assessed down the track.

MC2 015

MC2 016

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