Power and Control

This update is only a small one with the inclusion of the flight control board (blue) and the motor speed controllers (purple). Positioning of the speed controllers is very temporary. I would like to investigate mounting them directly to a power distribution board to reduce wiring. As the layout develops so will my thoughts about what form this board may take.

Given this is looking more and more crowded I also looked at what impact increasing the motor spacing has. Currently, and in all pictures to date, the motor axis are on a 250 mm pitch circle. Increasing this to 280 mm increase space quite dramatically however I feel it is to premature at this point to be increasing the size without determining that this smaller size can’t be made to work.

I have also be wondering on the sense of my idea to use a boom for the rear motor. The popular plate based design holds appeal for ease of assembly and layout however I tend to design within the constraints of fabrication techniques easily available to myself and currently that is 3D printed ‘connectors’ and off the shelf sections.

Components added are:
Flight controller: Naze 32 “Full” Flight Controller (the “Acro” version would also be suitable)
Speed controls: Afro ESC 12Amp

MC2 004

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